Browser Overload

Too Many Tabs

I should probably close some browser tabs. I’ve tried various tab extensions, using Pocket, or even copying URLs into a text file but still I leave the same tabs open for days on end until Chrome crashes and I forget to recover them and, BOOM, they’re gone and I don’t care.

Rinse and repeat.

Happy 25th birthday WWW!

4 thoughts on “Browser Overload

  1. I miss Firefox’s Tab Groups – a hugely useful feature and I haven’t found something that replaces it on Chrome.

    However I do find “The Great Suspender” Chrome extension extremely handy (you can set it to automatically disable non-whitelisted tabs after a set amount of time). The tab memory usage is then dramatically reduced.

        1. Heh, I know what you mean – I often end up with so many tabs sitting there for ages – but frequently enough I come back to them and finally do the thing I wanted to do so I tend to just have a window I move them off into and know that they’re all just suspended tabs so not eating up resources. The nice thing about the great suspender is that it actually sets its own url so restarting chrome starts with previously suspended tabs already suspended.

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