Integrate Google+ and Facebook Comments in your WordPress blog


If posts are the life blood of a successful blog, then comments are probably the heart as they encourage the author and provide a discussion mechanism around a story*. The problem is that blogs can be seen as an island in the ocean surrounded by social media continents such as Google Plus and Facebook. The islands may not get much attention.

That’s where the plugin Google+ Comments for WordPress comes in. It’s simple to install and adds a tabbed comment interface at the end of each post where visitors can comment using their identities on their favourite social media site.

I left a Google Plus comment on a previous post and allowed it to be shared on Google Plus. I got a few replies on that post which also appeared on my blogh. I wouldn’t go sharing every comment you make from your blog. Spamming is spamming, whatever way you do it.

* On Youtube of course it’s usually the reverse. Never read the comments on a popular Youtube video. It’ll hurt your brain.

7 thoughts on “Integrate Google+ and Facebook Comments in your WordPress blog

  1. I have tried this plugin as I am using the same Twenty Thirteen but Child Theme with some customization. Features of Google+ and Facebook are nice, but I am having some problem at the moment by manipulating the width of this comment system as per my content page which is taking the full stretch 🙁

    As long as i can make some css changes that looks fine on Desktop platform but that breaks up on smartphone 🙁 I have removed it for the time being, but I will try this up next time as it would take some to get it fixed 🙂

  2. Hi, just a quick question. What plugin did you use to insert “If you like this post then please subscribe to my full RSS feed. You can also click here to subscribe by email. There are also my fabulous photos to explore too!” at the bottom of your post? I’ve been trying to do this but I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!!

  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to see Google+ Blogger comments on your WordPress site without visiting each individual page?
    I know that if someone tags you, you’ll be notified in G+, but ..
    Is there a way to search in G+ for posts that have shared articles from your site, or some Blogger API that when given a WordPress URL will return the number of comments associated with the page?

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