I thought it was unusual to have so many impressive bits crammed together result in such a boring movie overall.

I understand why the hardcore Batman fans enjoy such a meatily detailed installment, but there was no emotional core for ordinary folks to hook into, no reason why we show care about these bizarre people running about onscreen.

I got the sense that Nolan was so desperate to cram in as many plot points as possible that he stripped them of any space in which we could sympathize – remember all those police and firemen, trapped underground for weeks, sort of a 9/11 situation? How did that feel for them? How did they maintain morale? No, sorry, no time to even spend a minute on that but, don’t worry, in about twenty minutes they’ll all be marching back up out of the ground.

It doesn’t help that Christian Bale is an essentially unlikeable lead but even actors I like, such as Gary Oldman, seemed to behave in a disjointed way. I remember greatly enjoying The Dark Knight, I now wonder if that was almost entirely down to the heart provided by Heath Ledger’s excellent performance.

To be honest, the only thing that genuinely held my interest was Anne Hathaway catwoman’s costume but, in my own personal life, I have a strict rule that once a girl betrays me and leaves me to be killed by a super villian, I stop chasing her, regardless of how much latex she is willing to wear.