Flipboard on Android


I’m really liking Flipboard on my Samsung galaxy s 2. I think it may become the way I digest Facebook content, and to a lesser extent Twitter too.

Accounts and adding feeds was confusing until I figured out the UI.  Importing my Google account was fairly tricky because I have 2 step auth enabled. I try logging in, see the request for the auth code, switch quickly to the authenticator app, get the code and hope I can switch back in time! I always did, but it was a race! The ICS task switcher makes it easier!

I also have way too many feeds in google reader and the anxiety of missing a good post while I skim through them makes me slow to browse this way. So my unread count remains on the thousands…

Loving the flipboard app. How’s it working for you? Better or the same as the ios version?

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