Shaz1874: BfBC2 Campaign Highlights

Great montage of clips from the Bad Company 2 campaign by Shaz1874 (and final editing with help from Laurie Dunsire). I’ve finished the campaign on all 3 platforms and it’s a great experience, though I did prefer the Bad Company 1 campaign.

By Donncha

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4 replies on “Shaz1874: BfBC2 Campaign Highlights”

Having played it on all 3 platforms, which do you prefer it on? Both for single player (PC I assume) and multiplayer (360 maybe? or PC?).

There’s not much between them really. The only difference really is the control method and I’m now fairly comfortable with all of them.

I think the best version is the one you’re most used to. Thankfully DICE did a good cross platform job of this so unlike BLOPS it plays the same on each machine.

The PC version obviously has the best graphics but I’m more likely to do well with a console controller.

If you put a gun to my head I’d rather play the multiplayer game on the PS3. I don’t really care which platform I’d play the campaign on though.

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