Call of Duty 4, not so much a “Game of the Year Edition”

I feared this might happen. I bought COD4 Modern Warfare off Amazon hoping that it would have a code to download the variety map pack but unfortunately it doesn’t. Looks like their “game of the year edition” is a cynical ploy to target those who do make that assumption. I’m not the only one. I love this comment from that page,

ya the map pack comes out to about $10 on the 360 as well. don’t buy it and just save your money for the sequel coming out this fall. we’re all pissed now, but once modern warfare 2 is in our hands, this map pack rip off will hopefully be a distant memory…

No doubt the forthcoming Black Ops will have it’s own map pack controversies. David asked if you’ll be buying that game or MOH but I think I’ll be holding on to my cash for now.

Disappointed? Yeah sure, but I’m looking forward to playing it later!

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  1. The map pack for COD4 was pretty bad so I’d save my money. Creek is terrible, Chinatown is a reskin of a COD2 map, Kiillhouse is a FFA only map and the only good map from the bunch was Broadcast.

  2. I hate frivolous DLC, I was looking through my games last night and if I want to get all the DLC for the games I have I’d have to pay nearly €150, course most of it is crap. I don’t think I’ll need the Chronicles of Riddick extra multiplayer maps. But Bioshock 2 was the worst, where they charged for DLC that was actually on the game disk itself!!!

  3. I had a similar situation with burnout paradise ‘ultimate box’, which turned out to be compelte bollocks, as it was missing 1.2gig’s of updates, all of which turned out to be DLC not on the disc that you had to pay for seperately. Complete bollocks

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