Well, that was fun. Blur that is. Despit…

Well, that was fun. Blur that is. Despite suffering from selective amnesia, I built up my series of 1st place wins in Blur, beating Ducky by a huge margin each time. Poor guy. David did really well too, we basically shared the 1st and 2nd places in each race! (*)

(*) The above may or may not be true, but much fun was had nevertheless.

For a more accurate record of what happened, read David’s post. 🙂

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    1. which one the delorion? because everybody know they cam from timoleague.also when does the blur for 10 euro at gamestop? and does it have to be 1 game of 15 euro in value or can it be multiable games?

      1. You can get Blur at Gamestop for 10 Euro now but you have to trade in a game worth 15 Euro. ie. a recent game. Unfortunately they won’t accept multiple older games, and the games you’re trading in have to be the same format as the one you’re buying.

        Borderlands is new enough to be traded in for it.

        Oh, I played a brief game of Blur this morning and in the full game my stats had returned to rank 1. Still, I came 6/8 and I was 4/8 for most of the race 🙂

    2. do you think just cause 2 is new enough???
      i will prob get it soon my aunts work up in cork so they could get it for me.
      also i have fable 2 would that be new enough for a xbox game?

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