I played a few games of the Blur demo wi…

I played a few games of the Blur demo with David, Mike, Tye, and Duck (nice to hear the Cork accent!) and while I did good and bad it was great fun. Getting the hang of the power ups really helps. I lost count of the number of times I shot down a fireball (shock?) right behind me!

Last race was a ball. I broke Duck’s winning streak of 9 wins! Somehow he managed to avoid two fireballs fired backwards at him even though he was on my tail, but I think I hit him with the smaller pink projectiles! 🙂

Will I buy the full game? Maybe. If the rest of the guys buy it I probably will. It’s obviously most fun played against friends than against random strangers, especially when everyone has a mic. The one thing that worries me is longevity. It’s only racing after all but I suspect we’ll have a lot of fun with it before it gets boring.

Here’s a review in case you’ve never heard of the game.

(David’s video from his blog post linked above)

(From Duck)

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  1. If you’re a die hard racing game fan and own every single race title that comes out then this is bound to be a tidy buy there. But for the likes of us lot you’d definitely need two or three people on your friends list who have it so that you can still have some fun while some 8 year old wins with a thirty second lead.

    Oh, and after you left we let Duck get his 10 win streak (you reading this Duck – we let you win!). 😉

    But, yes, good game, good fun in a party. Against randoms……. well, if that’s your thing.

  2. I have this on PS3, hardly played because of the online randomness, So I’m all up for games 🙂
    I’ll try and get some tracks learned ..

    1. Mark – if you download the demo we can play together some evening!

      I may see if I can find it cheap in Game or Gamestop. The latter have a “trade in” deal right now and there are a number of games gathering dust on my shelf that I’m unlikely to ever play again…

  3. I’m probably going to pick up the full game if I can find it on the cheap, it seems like it goes on sale quite frequently so I’ll just to wait to catch one of those.

    1. Gamestop here in Ireland have a sale going on now. Trade in a game and you can get Blur for 10 Euro.
      I just rang them and the guy said the game I trade in has to have a resale value of 15 Euro. I’m just looking at my old Xbox games; Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Crackdown, Grid, PGR4 … Must be one of those worth 15 Euro, I hope.

  4. I took the opportunity afforded by a visit to the maternity hospital (congrats to my brother and his wife on the new arrival!) to pop over to Gamestop. Borderlands was new enough to qualify for a trade in but they only accept same format trades in the sale and this was the Xbox version!

    Still, got 32 Euro off for all the games I brought in and bought Blur and because I really liked the demo, I bought Modnation Racers too. Last of the big spenders folks!

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