There’s only one thing worse than the e…

There’s only one thing worse than the enemy using C4 on your crates, and that’s your team using it. I had a few games with gulwing tonight (he found me through hupitgaming today, thanks Geoff!) and both sides for many games were blowing up the MCOM stations.
When our own team used this technique a few players had scores that were multiples of the rest of us. Two players had a score of 4000+ vs around 900 for the rest. Argh!

Thankfully they left and we had some decent games as we were the stronger team. It was weird. We were asking each other, “Is this the same team we’re playing?”

I planted and blew at least 3, maybe 4 crates and defused more. On Laguna Presa we defended and stopped the enemy on the first base while we beat them all the way back to the end and destroyed each crate when attacking. The flanking routes in that map helped immensely. In a recent video Cards attacked the first Alpha by flanking right behind some blue fencing. The same technique worked wonders for us too!
The hillside flank on the last base puts you in a very strong position too and I got quite a number of kills there. Got knifed eventually unfortunately but gulwing avenged me with possibly the last kill of the game.

For the most part I was running with the XM8 Prototype and smoke. The smoke is invaluable after planting the crate!

KDR was mixed. In the first few games I did badly but I got 2+ and 3+ in the last game or two. Global KDR is still 0.82 and win/loss is 1.55. I got the “Rush good conduct” pin for destroying 100 M-COM stations too. Nice 5,000 points!

Oh, these were my first games of Bad Company 2 rush where I played with maximum sensitivity. It was too high for me to be accurate with the AN-94 but I did fairly well burst firing the XM8P and XM8C.

Edit: Here’s that video Cards7 posted showing the flank on base 1 of Laguna Presa.

Gulwing followed me on a second boat and I warned him not to shoot anyone until we got to Alpha, if at all possible. We got there safely, armed the crate and blew it. Smoke slowed defenders down and with Gulwing’s help we held them off.

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  1. this is true Donn, not sure why people want to be jerks and do this, but they do. I just go for kills and never even try to disarm, then at the very end I tell everyone to quit and hopefully by the time they’re done, it looks like they beat 4 people.

    Anyway, hopefully we can all hook up online sometime. I read all your posts so keep up the good work.

    Take Care

    1. That’s an excellent notion. At least you’ll have your battle stats – kills, achievements and so on, but not the loss of a game.

      We played once when you joined David and I was on the same squad, but it’d be great to get a few more games in! I just read his post about your games last night and it seemed like a C4 hell. 🙁

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