New pins for Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 will soon be getting patched and along with that code update will come the following pins. (via)

By Donncha

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QOTD from the reddit thread: “It’s [M60] not even clearly the strongest anymore; balances is pretty even, finally. Except for the AN-94.”

Ogga Ug Banga Whack Whack. It’s people like him that ruin the game. *Boohoo cry cry cry* the nasty medic he shooted me! Well shoot him back! Ugh :rolleyes:

Great pins though. Unfortunately even if they did exist people would still be doing those things as they probably don’t even look at the pins they get anyway.

I’ve been mown down so many times by medics I’ve lost count. The AN-94 is my favourite weapon but you have to be in top form to use it. If I’m not concentrating I’ll press the fire button, and keep it pressed forgetting the gun is a burst weapon!

At first see this I though ohhhhhh a new update ! I wonder how much more money they want from me because there not getting an more.
Then continued to read them think I can do that one, that one will that some time, that one is impossible, hang on a minute ……………… DAM YOU DONNCHA.

You got me good my friend and got me again : )

Hehe, you’re going through so much pain getting bronze on each of the weapons I thought you needed something else to strive for!

I love Mike going for bronze on the guns. The best one so far was the F2000. Kills per minute… 1. Swears per minute….. 56. Awesome. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

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