The Bad Company 2 lag monster is a thing…

The Bad Company 2 lag monster is a thing of the past apparently. Time will tell but hopefully it’ll make David happy!

By Donncha

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Thankfully I’ve been pretty much lag free on the PS3 and Xbox with BC2. Although I do get kicked a lot from games like last nights onslaught match.

BFBC2 Lag has come back with a vengance now, it is terrible and i know it aint me as i have the computer to play it and internet speed. the latency with me goes to 999 and i’ve seen people join while im on and theirs are 999, its one of those enoying EA things where they ruin online play, (and sometime the whole game like C&C)

(also soz i know this is a bit of an old post but it was one of the first to appear on google)

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