Ages ago I wrote an FPS Freek review on …

Ages ago I wrote an FPS Freek review on my main blog. It’s a small extender that makes the stick on your controller longer, and supposedly easier to use. I thought I should share it here too with a link.

Short summary: don’t bother buying them. I wish MS would allow the use of keyboard and mouse on the Xbox 360!

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    1. That’s a pricey bit of kit, although if I was looking for a gaming mouse on a PC I’d probably almost pay that much.

      Except for one review, everyone raved about the FPS Freeks. I don’t know if it’s because they were afraid to look stupid for wasting $10 on a piece of plastic and rubber, or if it was a sophisticated marketing campaign.

      That said, I still have it on my controller but I play at a sensitivity of 3, fairly low, and each time I try to increase it my games really suffer.

      1. That’s very interesting and seems fair but when you have an affiliate code, a review can’t be completely objective. I honestly don’t think those things will make a huge difference to your gameplay. I seem to be a lone voice on the subject though!

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