0 thoughts on “Wow, 17-4 on Derail. What a fluke :)

  1. There must be something in the air tonight. I had a load of good, fun games – didn’t score particularly highly but I felt I was having some quality gameplay. And I unlocked the FAL. Pretty much my favourite gun in the game.

    1. The FAL is a single shot semi automatic assault rifle isn’t it?

      I picked up the m16 in my Derail game near the end. I can’t remember if I’ve unlocked it yet. I got a few kills with it, but I much prefer an automatic assault rifle because I, err, empty a clip into quite a few of my kills!
      I accidentally picked it up after shooting a guy who was hunting me. Didn’t know it until 2 minutes later when I was out in the open!

      1. Yup, it was the G3 in CoD4 but I just couldn’t get on with it on there and like you stuck to the automatics. It’s not so good for up close spray and pray unless you get the drop on the other guy, but at medium to long distance it’s a beast. I prefer to switch to my secondary when going into tight areas to negate my slow trigger finger.

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