WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is now available.

This release adds the following menu item to the admin page.


You can now choose to not cache different types of pages on your blog. Don’t want to cache your front page? That’s easy now. The indented page types are types covered by the top type. “Archives” covers “Tag” and “Category” pages for example.
See the Conditional Tags codex page for a description of the page types, especially “front page” and “home”.

I also fixed a few bugs, including the AYS problem saving posts which was a problem if you had “Don’t cache for logged in users” enabled.

I never got around to blogging about 0.9.6 but that included an uninstall script that deletes the folders and files created by wp-super-cache. Make sure you read the readme.txt before running it. For security reasons you have to edit the script before using it.

I also updated the mod_rewrite rules in cache/.htaccess (Thanks Andrew!) For some reason the web server forgets the mime type it’s supposed to serve gzipped supercache files as. It should be “text/html” in the cache dir but randomly and on the odd occasion it reverts to the gzip mime type. I examined the cache files when this happens and they look correct. Clearing the cache dir fixes the problem temporarily (and file sizes match before and after). I can’t explain it.
Remove cache/.htaccess if you see this happen (you might need to use the uninstall script) and reload the admin page to regenerate the file. The new rules force the mime type in a different way. Hopefully Apache won’t forget it this time.

29 thoughts on “WP Super Cache

  1. I’m not sure if it was WordPress 2.8, or WP Super Cache that caused this to start happening, but several admin pages on our site are now just a blank white page (including the create or edit post pages!). This is ONLY affecting the admin pages (and not even all of them).

    If I turn WP Super Cache to “off”, everything works fine (including the post pages). If I set WPSC back to “on”, the white page of death comes back.

    Has anyone else encountered this with WP 2.8 and WPSC

  2. Wonderful addition! 😀

    I have been holding off of using WP Super Cache on one of my sites, due to only wanting caching of certain types of pages

  3. Tx Donncha. Nice new options.

    I’ve got a tut about setting up WP Super Cache with Nginx .. thought you’d like to know it seems to work straight off using Nginx, with this update, but will let you know if me or any of my folks have problems.

  4. Like I said above, great addition, I can now use it on one more of my sites.

    Would it be possible to take it a step further, and maybe have an option in the posting page to “Not cache post / page”. This would be great for users that for example, use php geo targeting elements on some posts or something.

    1. IsMyBlog working tells me 🙂
      Page size (uncompressed): 110,231 bytes
      Download size (compressed): 16,635 bytes
      Bandwidth saved by compression: 84.9%

  5. I’m wondering if super-cache could be the cause of this…

    Every night I schedule posts for the next morning but the next day, when I check my site, the new posts are not there. The only way I can make them appear is to go into the admin, click on “Posts” where I am told they are “published.” At this point, if I click back to my blog’s home page, the new posts are there. This has happened every day for about a month now.

    I am almost positive this is related to super-cache. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. That’s odd because that works fine for me on inphotos.org where I occasionally use scheduled posts. Can you debug the plugin, look for the function “wp_cache_post_edit” and perhaps add an error_log() or mail() in there to alert you when it’s kicked off. It should fire whenever the post is published.

      It might also be the case that you’re not getting sufficient dynamic traffic. The post is published by the WP Cron system and that needs visitors who request pages that aren’t cached. I know it’s unlikely, but if every single page on your site is cached then there’s a chance no PHP will execute.

  6. Hi List,

    YES! That happens to me a lot, but I thought that it was a bug in WordPress, since I’ve been using Super-Cache from the beginning. I just figured that feature “didn’t work” quite right, but I never thought of looking at plug-ins as the source of it.

    I agree that a review of the “scheduled publishing” and WP-Super-Cache is a good idea.


  7. Hi, nice plugin! I noticed that the admin settings for the plugin no longer tell me about .htaccess rules (with the exception of mobile device support, which I do not have enabled). Currently, my .htaccess does not have entries for WP_Super_Cache, but the plugin doesn’t seem to be complaining. Currently it’s set to HALF ON, with Bad Behavior enabled, and it seems to be working ok. Was there any changes lately regarding the need for .htaccess rules?

  8. Hi Donncha, thanks for your plugin.Is there an uninstall plugin available also, as it occasionally interferes with how some of my pages respond.
    Many thanks

    Coffs Harbour

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