Please help the World Health Organisation

I received a nice polite email from a man asking for my help last week. He was a bit cryptic but he replied this morning saying he works with the World Health Organisation.

Help the World Heath Organisation

Hi Donncha O Caiomh,
there is something to talk about , i want your assistance coz i work with W.H.O ( world health organisation ) and i bought some goods in state and i am in finland here for official purpose.
Will you kindly send me your address so i can send the goods to you and also maybe when am through with my official assignment i will come down there and collect the goods bought.
Pls kindly reply me so as to know what to do.

Oh the poor guy! He’s stuck in Finland and needs goods delivered? As I was about to reply with my full address, I remembered getting another email from him. He had contacted me about a post I wrote. That was last week when I was on holiday and I still haven’t got around to clearing out my inbox. I went searching and here it is:

electric car info

yea i drive an electric car. i work with the car construction company. if you wanna know, kindly send me 3000usd via western union and i will get back to you as possible.
you can call me on +2348029479959. am junior by name.

Oh what a talented guy! He works for W.H.O. and for a car company! I don’t know if I want to know about electric cars that much. I mean, $3000? That’s a lot of money!

Oh, and Ben, since you’re subscribed to my blog, please get in touch again. The Irish Police want a word with you.

Edit (10/08/09) Ben has been in touch again:

Hi donncha, how r you nd everything, am off state and i some1 wanna send some money to my credit-card so as to collect and use it to pay my childs school fee. pls send me you details so as to send you the money nd you will only help me to western it to my child coz she is totally inneed of it.
am looking forward to see your reply

3 thoughts on “Please help the World Health Organisation

  1. You shouldn’t be so cynical. You may have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

    As I speak I’m helping the Prince of Djibouti get his funds out of the country after his father was ‘assassinated to death.’

    I’m also looking into some possible business with a kind Ugandan man, Honest Charles, who can get me in on an upcoming telecommunications deal.

  2. I think it is appalling, how many of these scammers latch on to the idea we were all born yesterday! I tend to get hundreds of this type of email, and Mr Benrichards name rings a bell, although I cannot be certain, as I delete so many. I recently had a very convincing plea, to help a Nigerian doctor ( funny how so many of them are doctors!) he was desperate to get his children back from china, where he had sent them in the post, by mistake. In the post? they must be very malnourished! Anyway, he only needed me to send him 150 Dollars, and when he got his children back he would pay me back 5,000 dollars to show his gratitude!, Absolutely amazing, they expect us to believe it.

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