Want to test the new WP Super Cache?

I need testers. Several people answered my call on Twitter last week to help test WP Super Cache. Here’s your chance!

Grab the development version and install it in your plugins folder as normal. Some of the new features and bugfixes to look out for:

  • If your cache files aren’t being deleted add “$wp_cache_shutdown_gc = 1;” to the config file, wp-content/wp-cache-config.php. The plugin will do garbage collection at the end of page load instead of using WP Cron. It’ll only fire off as often as before.
  • Empty supercache directories won’t be created now.
  • Bad Behaviour supported is added. Just enable the plugin at the bottom of the admin page.
  • If you’re getting an error “Call to a member function get() on a non-object in .. cache.php” that should be fixed.
  • Incorrect supercache mod_rewrite rules were generated if your blog was installed in a sub directory and they’re fixed now as well but you’ll have to delete the old rules.

If all goes well, WP Super Cache 0.9.1 will be released before the end of the week!

19 thoughts on “Want to test the new WP Super Cache?

  1. Artem – it is and you probably shouldn’t! It’s almost always stable though but occasionally bugs creep in. I run trunk here so most of the time when bugs show I squash them quickly. Unfortunately sometimes the bugs don’t affect my web host and they might affect yours.

  2. Donncha,

    Seems to be running just fine on OMB. Will let you know if anything strange pops up though. As always, you have free reign to mess with my server for testing, etc. if you want.


    John P.

  3. Donncha, don’t know if you got my twitter message from yesterday – i tried yesterdays developer version and it broke the title, metatags and stuff that are inserted by wpseo normally. They didn’t get inserted at all so i had a blog without titles and stuff ;-/

  4. Helmi – I saw it but it was cut off and I was in the middle of other stuff. I have no idea why that plugin stopped working though, I haven’t ever used it.

    I just took a quick look at it and the source code is missing all the newlines so I can’t even help you debug it. Looks like it’s not GPL either which makes it illegal to distribute.

  5. Sorry for the slow response; didn’t make it onto Twitter until late last night. I’ve got the development version uploaded and enabled 🙂 Let me know if you need anything else.

  6. With my rearranged code http://onemansblog.com/ was missing the first few lines of the page when a cached page was served. I don’t know why it happened but it spurred me on to try to fix it. I suspect some other plugin is using the output buffer too but I don’t know how they grabbed the top of the page when the ob_start() in wp-super-cache should have executed before any custom code in plugins.

    So now the development version doesn’t use a shutdown function. It only uses the output buffer with a named callback function. It works on this site so if you feel up to it, grab the updated zip file (should be updated within 15 minutes of this comment being posted) and give it a whirl.

    I gave up on the idea of trying to create the cache before wpdb and the object cache were destroyed by the shutdown procedure and instead replaced the code that used those facilities with a variable generated earlier in the process.

    Head wrecking.

  7. See my post over on wordpress.org — I’m not running the trunk (what’s the svn?) but your 0.9 breaks in windows on installation…

    Maybe already fixed in 0.9.1?

  8. just installed the development version and no issues so far. will wait till tonight when my blog is very busy.

    my question is this. Will we have to uninstall and reinstall when it comes out of development version?

  9. Donncha, seeing Thank19nt’s post about the Ipod Touch reminded me. Have you looked at WPTouch which is a WP/WPMU plugin which reformats your WP Blog for the Iphone/Android and so on. It looks quite good but it seems to bash heads a bit with WP SuperCache because of course you cache static files which would need to be different for WPTouch.

  10. Steve – yes, and it works fine. Any mobile plugin should work as long as the user agent is listed in wp-cache-config.php

    DJSlim – just do the ordinary upgrade when the new version comes out.

  11. I just added a new check to ismyblogworking.com that specifically tests WP Super Cache. It checks to see that the ‘Cached page generated by WP-Super-Cache’ HTML comment is present, and that the timestamp is older than the web server time. If so it’ll show ‘WP Super Cache is working’ up top.

    It also shows the age of the cached content that was served by WP Super Cache, down in The Boring Details.

    Hope this helps testing (or at least to reassure users that it’s doing its job).

  12. Since a couple of days my site wasn`t caching at all.

    I`ve turned on “Disable file locking. If you experience problems with mutex or file locks this may help but may cause increased server load.”
    And checked wp-cache-config.php
    Strange, somehow flock has been turned off and i had to re-enable file locking.

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