Guinness, say hi to the Data Protection Commissioner

This morning, Diageo Ireland (the company behind Guiness) spammed me again, despite my repeated attempts to remove myself from their mailing list.

Thanks to Damien who pointed me in the direction of the Data Protection Commissioner I filled out the complaint form with the following. The Commissioner’s Guidelines for marketing by electronic mail are quite clear and Diageo obviously ignore them. Hopefully something positive will come of this.

On the 8th of April, 2007 Diageo Ireland sent me an unsolicited email regarding a “poker nights” promotion. It appears that someone signed me up, but Diageo never confirmed the invitation. I did not opt in to receive any mailings from them. I also unsubscribed using their subscription page. More details, including commentary about the unsubscribe process are here:

Unfortunately, on June 20th 2008, I was spammed by them again.
I unsubscribed again.

This afternoon I was sent another email from Diageo with the text:
Give us a few minutes and we’ll give you so much more

Unfortunately I suspect I’ll always get spam emails from them despite the fact that I never signed up for anything, don’t drink Guinness and unsubscribed twice already.

Donncha O Caoimh

8 thoughts on “Guinness, say hi to the Data Protection Commissioner

  1. Only right Donncha… those commissioner links are interesting, I need to follow up on some spammy email myself. It’a be nice if you posted up Diageo’s reply if you recieve one.

  2. Kieran – certainly will post any reply.

    Donnacha – unfortunately for them I’m more than a little angry at ’em so I’m looking forward to the day when they take me off their lists. Don’t like the black stuff anyway. Yuck!

  3. I’ve asked a few questions.

    According to their sysadmin you aren’t in their databases, but looking at your first post its possible that a mail merge went wrong.

    He is checking with their 3rd party marketing folks now.
    Can you forward me the mails if you still have them?

  4. hmm, what fun you seem to be having. stupid question, but have u made sure that the mails are really coming from Diageo, and not from somebody else?


  5. theamoeba – yes, definitely coming from Diageo.

    I heard from the Data Protection Commissioner this morning and forwarded on the 4 emails from Diageo. I found an extra email when I went searching yesterday evening ..

  6. Got a reply from the Data Protection Commissioner yesterday evening. Diageo apologized and said their revise their opt out process so contact details don’t have to match.

    I’d still like to know why they’re allowed send me marketing guff over 12 months after I was added to their list. They should have looked for consent every 12 months.

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