I kid you not, I was literally going to write this entry (well, not in your exact words, but with the same premise). I’ve noticed a huge increase in human submitted spam ever since people have been installing more and more spam fighting tools.

Since I’ve had your comment referrer plugin installed, I’ve been able to see where a majority of the comments are coming from at a glance and if I see some sort of search query attached — that doesn’t seem legit — I’ll usually nuke the comment or deliberately yank the URL and approve the comment.

Another thing I’ve noticed is a trend with these human spammers, besides searching for “leave a reply”, is using the key term followed by comments or leave comments. The other day, I received a comment on a blog entry about bloggers getting ready for the holiday shopping season because the search query had “shopping + leave a reply” in it.

Unfortunately, services like “buy blog comments”, who I won’t link to in your comments, aren’t helping this in any way as I’m sure these human spammers wouldn’t be doing it unless they were being paid for it. (And from the looks of their comments, not very much.)

~ Teli