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Pass the word around. If you use the very popular Subscribe to Comments plugin by Mark Jaquith, you should download version 2.1.1 download the development version instead. (thanks Baris!)

The previous version has a small but annoying bug. If you approve comments from several posts at one time, everyone subscribed to those posts will get notifications for all the approved comments! Mark applied my patch 3 weeks ago but people are slow to update.

In the last 3 days I’ve received extra notifications from 2 blogs. I emailed the first blog owner, but then Pat moderated some comments this morning and I decided this was the easiest way to get the word out!

Go on, update your plugin! Your blog visitors will thank you!

27 thoughts on “Subscribe to comments?

  1. I’ve installed this and get the checkbox on the comment form.
    But it doesn’t send out an email when there is a further comment.
    Anything obvious? Or should it work out-of-the-box?

  2. I’ve been using “Subscribe To Comment” plugin and it’s been a valuable asset to few of my sites that makes visitors keep coming back. Anyway, Thanks for announcing the updates.

  3. What makes this altogether confusing is the fact that the development link and the trunk link both have the same version numbers as the last released version, which came out months ago. Shouldn’t that change if this is an update?

    Gene Steinberg

  4. The trunk version number is still 2.1.1 so how do we know it’s the correct version to be using? Maybe change the version number to 2.1.2?

  5. Great plugin.

    Do you know of any plugin that can subscribe a set of users automatically to all comments (similar to post notification)? How hard would it be to modify your plugin to accomplish that?

  6. well, just found out version 2.1.1 works just fine on my site… does this version also include the patch mentioned above?

  7. Great plugin, but I can’t use it anymore because my reader leave fake addresses when they comment and the server gets very busy trying to send notification to unexistant addressess.
    Would be fine some kind of validation like: if first notification fails unsuscribe that user.

  8. Great plugin, many thanks as well from over here.

    Just one thought: Sometimes the author wrote email, mostly though e-mail in the php-file.

    Would be an even better plugin if the whole grammar is coherent.

  9. Wow, holy useful! thanks so much for posting this to the planet, what a load off my back! I’ve been fighting to understand this exact bug for so long now. Knowing what it is it now makes total sense. It’s great to see this plugin back on track, as it should almost definitely be part of core, and having it broken was a strain.

  10. Hi Donncha,

    Sorry for commenting on an old post, but I’m just wondering what modifications you made to the version of “Subscribe to Comments” that is being currently used on

    Thanks for reading!

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