Blogs in Plain English

What’s the big deal about blogs? Haydn rang me this morning because he’s doing research on blogs and I remembered Joseph mentioned this video on IRC. This is a reminder from the Common Craft folk that not everyone knows what a blog is, or why they’re a great communication tool.

If you’re reading this and thinking about setting up your own website, watch this short three minute video and you may well decide to start a blog. Nice to see get a mention too!

20 thoughts on “Blogs in Plain English

  1. Hi thanks for this 😉

    but at Germany it will come the end of free comments 🙁

    Hamburger court of law have said: a blogger has to moderate every comment before he publish them! Or this blogger is full liable for the content of a comment.

    To delete a bad comment after publishing is not enough.

    There are so many laws from the past, and nobody would like to modify them because goverments fear blogger ..

    kindly regards


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  3. That’s too bad, Monika. I suppose in the U.S. we often take for granted the freedoms we have. I hope we never have the kind of regulation you and fellow bloggers are suffering in Germany. No doubt, there will come a day when “rogue” bloggers will represent the last bastions of freedom on the planet.

  4. Hi there,

    Unless some really important chunk of news went unnoticed, Monikas comment is a little too dramatic. Last time i checked, the law was:
    You are only liable for the content of a comment, if someone told you “hey, this guy is posting lies / nazi-propaganda / child-porn / whatever” – and you fail to react in something like seven days.

    There is no regulation on blogging that affects freedom of blogging (as long as you don’t post one of the above mentioned).

  5. That does not sound like a nice law! What about if there’s a bug in the blogging platform and a spammer gets his comment published without moderation..

  6. Hi Donnacha, a bit like preaching to the converted here? Interesting little snippet though, I’d like to know the demographic for the 70million blogs!
    Cheers Tim

  7. That’s a really clear, concise video that gives basic information without being patronizing. In other words, awesome and useful! Thank you so much for passing it along.

  8. I find that blogging makes me really look at what goes on around me. Even if it’s just in regards to “Will this make a good blog topic” I have fun doing it.

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