Killinaskully: The Order of the Stoat

I’m a sort-of fan of Killinaskully. Some episodes are great while others are yawn inducing boring affairs. Last year’s Halloween episode was great fun and the first episode of the new season opened with the depiction of a secret society called the Ancient Order of the Stoat. I almost fell out of my seat when I heard the initiation phrases uttered by Willy when he discovered where the society met. Some people are not going to be impressed!

3 thoughts on “Killinaskully: The Order of the Stoat

  1. More than just one thing, lots of references throughout the show. Not going to say, you’ll have to watch it, it’s funnier that way! Hopefully someone will upload clips to Youtube soon.

  2. Ah in fairness ’twas a poor episode. worse than last week which was elevated by “sure I’m a bad traveller..”

    I’m not in the habit of repeating myself…but…Being from that part of the country (well city rather than county) I know that for most folk the jokes are as incomprehensible as Cha and Miah but the last two weeks were poor….

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