Matt Damon: on fatherhood and acting

Two quotes from a Sunday Times interview with Matt Damon, star of the Bourne series of movies. He and his wife, Luciana Barroso, have a 14 month old baby daughter and despite all the money and lavish lifestyle, they have some of the same experiences all new parents have ..

“Sometimes I wish I could go back to sleeping on the couch,” he says. “I think back to those days when I was sleeping on friends’ couches. For years I had two duffel bags and I went from set to set and everything I had in the world was in those two bags. I didn’t have a house. I had nothing. And I loved that and there was incredible freedom in it; I could be in and out of a place in a minute – I could have everything on my body and moving. And now I have 20 bags and cribs and strollers and Pack ’n Plays.”

Last night my daughter was up all night,” he says, rubbing his eyes. “My wife tries to help me when I’m working – she tries to do everything at night so I can rest, but the reality is that when you’re in a room with a baby who’s crying it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re the one who’s changing the diaper, you’re still going to be awake.

“Halfway through the movie Paul Greengrass [the director] looked at me and said, ‘You look terrible.’ I told him, ‘I’m sorry. I’m awake all night with the baby’, to which he said, ‘No, it’s really good. She came along just at the right time – she’s really helping your performance.’ In the previous two Bourne films I’d have to achieve that same ragged look by staying out all night in Paris.”

Not all of us have to jet across the world or party all night in Paris to look grubby in the morning but you get the idea. When a baby comes along your life is turned upside down!

Finally, first I’ve heard of him, but apparently Jimmy Kimmel has a long running gag surrounding Matt Damon. Unfortunately Matt “freaks out” when he finally gets on the show.

And a year later Kimmel introduces Guillermo who will star in the new Bourne film .. He’s really laying it on thick this time! 🙂

I have both Bourne movies on DVD, I’ve watched the Bourne Identity and must watch the Bourne Supremacy before the third film hits these shores. Is Jason Bourne the new James Bond? Maybe it’s time to retire ol’ James. God knows, he’s been at the spy game long enough!

10 thoughts on “Matt Damon: on fatherhood and acting

  1. I remember reading about that appearance. It was actually staged but funny nonetheless.

    I finally saw the Bourne Supremacy recently and I was amazed at how little dialogue Matt Damon actually had in it.

    I doubt if he could ever replace James Bond. I was stunned by how good Daniel Craig was in Casino Royale. Something I certainly wasn’t expecting and I think the directions that they are taking the Bond movies in nowadays is the way forward for the franchise. Much darker I think.

  2. I really will have to dig out that DVD for myself. I saw Casino Royale too, but I wasn’t too gone on it. It was just a little too violent I think. Dark I don’t mind, but this is Bond, he’s supposed to have lots of gadgets and stuff! Someone on the crew watched Sin City before dreaming up the intro to the film 🙂

    Anyway, there’s an article in the Sunday Times comparing Jason Bourne with James Bond. It’s a good read!

  3. That is a very good point and one that I didn’t think of. I reckon that it might be coincidental. But it is inevitable that both of them would be compared to each other.

    They are both excellent franchises in their own right. But with regards to Bond becoming more violent, I think it reflects a current trend that movies are becoming more violent overall.

  4. Dave – did you read the Bond vs Bourne article above? I Think in a fight between them Bond would have the edge weaponry wise, but Bourne can run and dodge better and get away to fight another day.

    I don’t think a fight between them would be clear cut!

  5. I read that in the paper last weekend Donncha. I reckon Bourne would win out. Bond gets caught lots it’s just his captors come up with elaborate methods of killing him etc, Bourne would just snap his neck and be done with it 🙂

  6. I’m not a big fan of action movies but I love the Bourne series and think Matt Damon is perfect for the role.

    Yep, having a baby definitely does turn your life around but only as much as you allow it, I think. All the sleepless nights and changing diapers and baby junk in every room of the house has nothing on when she smiles and giggles at me.

    I thought Casino Royale was awful and the choice of Daniel Craig too. He didn’t have the same caliber of gadgets/weapons as all the previous ones and I didn’t like his car either. I don’t think Daniel Craig is suave, dashing or handsome like Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan. He was short and gasp: BLOND. And the ending (I won’t give it away) just made me want to hurl.

  7. My sister and brother-in-law definitely know a few things about this one. My second nephew was born just a month ago and boy are those two a bundle of joy.

    They are a lot of work, but they are worth every minute of it — even from my point of view.

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