Oh Facebook! I feel so dirty!

I finally joined. I’m always the last one in. I haven’t even got a myspace or a bebo account, but that’s probably a good thing. Apparently Facebook is a popular site. Bah! Where’s my Orkut login?

Anyway, thanks Nicole for the invite!

I’ve been really adventurous today. I also took a peek at Tumblr and set up an account to track Holy Shmoly!, In Photos, del.icio.us, donncha.stumbleupon.com (not sure if that’s working), and it might finally make me use Twitter again as my Twitter account is added too, with friends. (Which leads me to another problem, do I have permission to post twitters from other people there?)

Blame Damien for blogging about it in the first place.

7 thoughts on “Oh Facebook! I feel so dirty!

  1. Want a Pownce invite? I like it a lot more than Twitter. The ability to set groups of people is really powerful, and I like that you can have different types of messages. I think I’m going to use it as a link log, as it serves an Atom 1.0 feed with proper rel=”related” for the link.

  2. I’m really impressed with Facebook, it’s the first social networking site I’ve seen that actually seems worthwhile being part of.

    The photo tagging tools are brilliant – the ability to click on people in a photo and tag them with their name is very slick. When it’s one of your Facebook friends you tag, it even becomes a link to their profile, they’ll be told that they were tagged in a photo, and your photo will come up if someone clicks the “View photos of ” link on their profile page.

    It’s a great way to keep up to date with what your friends are doing.

    I wrote up a post about Facebook myself pretty recently: http://blog.preshweb.co.uk/?p=95

  3. I think Tumblr’s strength, and the appeal of tumblelogs, is the sharing of original items. Links, photos, videos, quotes, IM logs… stuff people post that wouldn’t otherwise call for a full blog post, but are fun and amusing nonetheless.

    I think Tumblr is lacking as a “lifestream” aggregator. Indeed, there’s Jaiku… but lots of other players, as well. Check out Lifestreamblog.com for write-ups of some of these.

    Off the top of my head? Dandelife, iStalkr, Profilactic, ProfileLinker, Ziki, ClaimID, SecondBrain, Correlate.us, Wink… I’d give those a shot, since aggregating feeds is their focus, before Tumblr.

  4. Conor – only €4m? I’d love to make WordPress.com more social and it’s in the pipeline, sort of, but we’re sticking with the core blogging tools for the moment. I’d be very surprised if social networking didn’t come up as a topic while Automattic is in SF throwing ideas about and brain storming!

    Mark – I’d love a Pounce invite please 🙂

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