Read Me Now!!! from Microsoft

Oh no! New bugs have been found in Windows XP! My Macbook must be vulnerable because this email said it is! I better run that exe file straight away.

Hello! Hackers discovered new bugs on Windows XP versions. Now, your computer is very vulnerable to this attacks,

that`s why Microsoft Corporation relased a new patch to protect your sistem!

If you do not install this patch, the hackers can attack your computer, break into your sistem and steal passwords

or secret informations. In USA over 11,000,000 computers were attacked! Those computers didn`t have installed

protection patch!

Please download the patch and install it on your computer now!



Thank you!

Phew. What would we do if Microsoft didn’t email everyone on the planet telling them about these bugs? You’d think they’d have some sort of Auto Update system in place instead of the fuddy duddy old email system. I’d be up the creek without a paddle if that email had been stopped by Spamassassin. It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened if I had missed this warning. Thanks guys!

5 thoughts on “Read Me Now!!! from Microsoft

  1. You might want to scramble up that file address. These kinda emails wouldn’t be sent out unless people had actually fallen for them before!

    Auto-update sounds pretty nifty though 🙂

  2. Wow — I was really just looking for some WP tips, but if I hadn’t found this alert the Sun probably wouldn’t have risen today, the birds would stop chirping and the sky would open up and devour my children. Thanks. Whew!

  3. Thank you for letting me know to expect an email from M$. I just received and the subject was “Read Me!! Quickly!!” It is fantastic that Microsoft’s partners “to protect your sistem!” are also and .

  4. I think they gave it away when they said hackers had found new bugs in XP. I mean, who’s going to believe that?

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