Can you vote on the 24th?

My dad texted me to ask if I was registered to vote in Blarney because he checked the electoral register and neither Jacinta or I were found there. I know we’re registered because we filled in and sent off the forms months ago and we’re receiving junk mail from politicians to prove it! Nevertheless I went to to check the electoral lists and sure enough we’re there. You have to scroll down quite a bit because the list of place names similar to our address is quite long. It’s still got an awful interface btw.

Like Michele, both of us can vote in two places. So much for the famous cleanup of the lists last year. They obviously weren’t that careful checking. Would I be commiting a crime if I voted twice? I wonder what the penalty for doing so is? What about a spoiled vote? Does that count?

4 thoughts on “Can you vote on the 24th?

  1. Catherine got a threatening mail from the Courts yesterday which was forwarded from an address we left three years ago.
    She had been called for jury duty but never got the original mail.

    When she rang to explain they replied “but you are on the electoral register in Dublin” as if somehow this was an infallible document.

    I guess our votes in Dublin could easily have been used in local elections etc by the current occupier of our house.
    What a ridiculous system.

  2. I agree with you about the interface. They also only put the supplemental names on the list (e.g. mine) this week! They should have used the google maps API šŸ˜‰

    I can’t imagine the penalty for voting twice. I wonder what act it would fall under, offences against the state perhaps! I imagine the law has clauses about misusing the vote system, to protect against subversions of democracy.

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