The Charlie Brown Christmas by Scrubs

This is a little unusual. Charlie Brown Christmas done by the cast of Scrubs. Found via the Scrubs Wikipedia page. Good news for Scrubs fans, there will be a series 7, Zach Braff signed up for another series. I haven’t even seen series 6 yet!

A Christmas story in April. Ah timing.



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  1. I read on the Wikipedia page it was done, ‘The cast of Scrubs made an episode called “My Charlie Brown Christmas” where they made a voice over of the Christmas episode of Charlie Brown. It was created by Daniel Russ and Ryan Levin for a Scrubs cast party.’

    Looking forward to season 6 and 7!

  2. Scrubs, I hadn’t watched it during its airing on TV, happened to catch an ep while flicking through channels and was hooked.

    Rented the entire block of Seasons and am a bona fide fan!

  3. Ahh.. Scrubs… I have only seen the first three seasons, and I really like it. I should really try to watch the newer seasons!

    This was odd BTW. 🙂

  4. I really enjoy Scrubs too. Sarah Chalke is hawt 🙂 I was surprised to find out they were doing season 7. I bet I can tell you how it ends…

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