Please type my name

I just had a thought after filling in an anti-spam keyword in a comment form. Sometimes my thoughts are interesting but this isn’t one of them. Justin Mason asks you to type his first name as a means to defeat spam bots. I bet if I did the same, even going so far as writing my name next to the box people would misspell it. “donnacha”, “donacha”, “doncha” and “dunacha” are all variations I’ve seen. You don’t want to know how Sky Digital butchered it!

For extra fun I could have an audio clip saying my name instead. I might not ever receive a comment ever again!

Jacinta and Adam came home from the hospital yesterday, my brain is lightly fried, with chips and tomato sauce. Thank you so much Mairead for making us dinner and minding Adam so we could get a short rest! Aren’t family great?

13 thoughts on “Please type my name

  1. The challenge response CAPTCHAs are better than those image ones anyway. I’ve seen some of those that just are next to near impossible ! You’d have to squint to see them.

  2. Morning ‘Donca’ 😉

    Welcome home Jacinta and Adam.

    Now the real fun begins. Bet you never realised how slippery babies were in the bath! Happy splashing.

  3. i love the games on cartoonnetwork i been to that website theres lots of games theres ben ten,my gym partners of monkey,and power puff girls theres more but thats probly going take me 300 hours

  4. i love nicklodean because graet channels heres one of my favorite channels its icarly its funny a lot that icarly show is popuarly threes lke 600 dre people who like to wacth icaly bye im brianna nicole hiller.

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