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In the grand old tradition of book publishing it seems that everyone has a story to tell and these days it’s getting easier and easier to get published. Whether anyone is reading or not is another matter.

This Sunday Times article on the Blookers book prize caught my eye the other day because it’s further mainstream acceptance of blogging as a serious source of writing talent. Unfortunately there’s plenty of dross out there too, some of which has spewed from these very pages, but I digress. The shortlist is sponsored by, a “self-publishing” company who publish on demand. It’s an easy way to get your work published and perhaps read.

[One blook] The Doorbells of Florence, has just been nominated for a new literary award, the Blookers. The shortlist, which was revealed last week, celebrates books that have sprung from weblogs or other websites.

This appears to be a growing phenomenon. It is only the second year of the $10,000 (£5,100) prize but the judges had to work their way through 110 titles.

Is your work worth $10,000? You’ll never know unless you try but the article does gloss over the difference between “publish on demand” and normal high-street bookshops who carry a ready supply of books. Don’t expect to see your Lulu books in Waterstones I’m afraid.

I’ve toyed with the idea of publishing my own photos but the closest I’ve got to publishing in a book was as part of the US book a few years ago. You may yet see them in print form shortly but I have to keep that secret a little longer!

Fellow Corkman Ryan contributed to Raw, a book by several Irish photographers. It can be purchased on Lulu. Robertto Grilli has some photos of the book too and it looks very impressive. Go buy a copy!

Who would you like to see published? I briefly mentioned her before, but The Swearing Lady should get a book deal. She writes one of my favourite blogs. A book deal is on her list to Santy and everything, and it’ll make her very happy and bring her writing to a whole new audience! Damien had the same idea this morning. Great minds eh?

Finally, what about fame and riches? Well, as a blogger you’re already famous, in your own mind anyway, but riches? I leave the last word to the author of “The Doorbells of Florence”,

“I’ve sold a grand total of 17 so far, not including copies bought by myself,” Losowsky admits. “I make £1.22 from each one. The Ferrari is on hold.”

Later .. as reported in various places, Twenty Major has got a book deal! Well done! Looking forward to seeing it in the bookshop.

6 thoughts on “Blog meet Blook

  1. Latest update: still 17. Ah well. Still, one distinction maybe worth making: excluding the comic books category, there’s only four print-on-demand titles in the Blooker nominees out of the shortlist of 12. At least we get our 15 seconds of fame alongside titles that are actually in Waterstones. Whether we deserve it or not, however, I really couldn’t say.

  2. I had heard loads about the housewife blogger who got a deal and then read the Times piece only to discover it was their ex-writer and the 6 figure advance was 70k ( not bad but still)

    Important to put the news in perspective. 7k blogs in Ireland and 1 book deal to date!

  3. First I heard of her was in the Sunday Times and I thought it was a bit rich that she was a journalist already.

    Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t succeed. I’ve had offers of work to take photos, partly through my photoblog and sometimes because of people I meet through taking photos for my blog.
    That’s not quite book publishing but getting yourself known does increase the chance that someone will notice you and send some business your way.

  4. You hear of it happening all the time in the States. I know of a few bloggers who became full-time photographers through their blogs. Good luck with whatever you have in the pipeline and let us in on the secret when you can 🙂

  5. The Blooker seems to be stealing a lot of Booker thunder nowadays. Must be the new media angle that attracts the press.

    PS: Why not turn this blog into a book? There are archives all the way back to 1998 –>

    And it’ll be something you can show your kids … cool, huh!

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