5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Collin tagged me as did Toni to reveal five things you didn’t know about me. Frank left a comment here ages ago asking something similar so it’s about time to dish up the dirt on me!

  1. I’m slightly alergic to dairy products. So are most people. If your head is all stuffy and it feels like you have a cold, all year long, then you might be too. Especially after eating Black Forest Gateaux, or another rich creamy dessert the previous night! It started in my early twenties, and it wasn’t until I met my wife a few years ago that she recognised the symptoms.
  2. It’s true that you’ll notice cars you’ve owned before, and I take special care to look at the reg plate of any Green Toyota Yaris that passes. I spotted the one I owned around town a few times and when bored in traffic I’ll add up the numbers on the registration plate of the car in front of me. For example; 06 C 253. 2+3=5.
  3. My mother was a school teacher and I wanted to become a teacher but thankfully I was five points short (about one grade too low) to do that course in college.
  4. I worked 4 days in a pub, several August months in a school bookshop, and a summer as a porter in a hospital operating theatre. (and recognised people years later when I went back for an operation!) I like Scrubs.
  5. 2006 has been a wonderful year, but 2007 is going to be even more special. I’m going to leave no.5 for a little while longer.

Pass it on: Mark Matt, Donal, Ryan, Screaming Lady and Haydn.

10 thoughts on “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Thanks for playing Donncha!

    I fear I may have to do some investigation on myself about point number one. 🙁 Does too much tea count (the milk content)? Perhaps it’s just that Christmas is slow and we’re drinking too much…

    By the way, Mark already got tagged by Engtech.

    I hope you enjoy the festive season!


  2. Kae – my lips are sealed for a few more days! I can’t say a word!

    Collin – it could be that, but unlikely unless you’re very sensitive to dairy products or you’re drinking gallons of tea! What happens when you eat something with a big dollop of cream? Many happy returns!

  3. I don’t know, I’m not allowed cream, it makes my head go funny…. 😉

    Seriously, I don’t think it’s a huge problem but I do regularly wake up with a “woolly” head. I don’t just mean “oh damn, it’s another work day”, more “Am I awake? What day is it”. I don’t often get creamy products – cakes and gateau are banned in our house and we always have semi-skimmed milk at home and skimmed at work. The tea at work is normally in a pint mug and it’s 5 – 6 a day with sweeteners. As you say, it’s unlikely. I will have a chat with a mate who is very lactose intolerant and see what he says.

    Number 5 is intriguing me too! I’ll be back to check regularly. Yep, even christmas day! 😉

  4. another dairy-incompatible person — me too! (although in my case the symptoms are a bit more unpleasant I think.)

    I’m with Kae on #5. it’s the only explanation…

  5. Thanks for the tips, But i think its up to the person who set their diet of the day. They have to control their urge to have more food to eat. Glad that you post this kind of tip I might use it to myself.

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