I've gone Free at work finally …

I’ve gone Free at work finally! Netscape was only started up this morning to export the addresses out of it. Imported into kmail now, and Netscape isn’t running! I even did rm -fr nsmail but only after tarring it up of course! I will have to run Netscape from time to time but not all the time. If only I could get kmail to launch urls in Galeon instead of Konueror, I’m sure there’s a way, I haven’t looked very hard.
Open Office works nicely thank you. I tried it on Linux and Windows and it’s much better than AbiWord, Kword, or Star Office. I haven’t had a chance to compare against Gnumeric yet and in fact I won’t use it much at all (thankfully!)

I read the in Irish Times this morning about the radio controlled rats. Imagine being stuck in a collapsed building – would you like to see a rat come scampering over to you?

Thanks to the top 40 I found out about Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About as well as other good stuff.

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