for anyone addicted to cocaine, i just wanna say, i’m currently in rehab for it. i did it ALL day EVERY SINGLE DAY and i used some grimey @$$ tactics to get the drugs. i would pull all night binges day after day, and my nose was so fucked up and i never talked to my family. i was disgusting, i had dark under eye circles, my sleeping patterns were all messed up. finally, i decided it was enough and decided to go to rehab. i have been clean for two months now, and things seem okay. cravings are the worst, but i ride through them, i lay down, listen to music and pray to god i wont hurt myself by cutting trying to release my anxiety. please get urself help. dont try it, im effin serious yo, it might seem fun, it is fucking fun, but you WILL most likely get addicted. i didnt even realize i was an addict until a year into it. by then i was well past addict stage. i was a fiend son.