Is spam now self defeating?

distasteful.gif Has anyone else noticed that the new generation of gif based stock-trading spams are getting really hard to read? In the last one I had to squint and look really carefully to find out what stock was hot and a sure-buy today!

For a moment I was reminded of the times when I left comments on a Typepad or Blogspot blog before hitting J to junk the thing. Pretty backgrounds too.

6 thoughts on “Is spam now self defeating?

  1. I got the same spam this morning. I think the background is a cubist Stealth Bomber passing over a colourful middle eastern city.

    Any other suggestions?

  2. Spamassassin now does a good job of detecting them using some sort of OCR engine. It is resource intensive though.

    The irony is, if an effective solution to this is found, then capthas will become useless as the comment spam people will use that solution to get their spam in the door and past the captha!

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