Live from BarCamp Ireland

Here we are, live from BarCamp, predictably I’m late, but just in time for lunch!



Mark Twomey talking at BarCamp Ireland. If you see yourself, leave a comment! Some of those included are Ryan, Damien, Elly and John.

John has a very cool Irish street mapping application. Type in your street address and it’ll find the coordinates on Google maps. Nice!

Ely’s mother has a great podcasting site at oldbones. Ely played some of her podcasts during her speech on podcasting. The quick response she got from smugmug reminds me of the great job Podz, Barry and the rest of us at handle support. (Sorry Ely, had to get that in!) Ely’s talk is great, when it goes online I’ll link to it here.

Gavin Byrne of Near FM may upload a recording of Ely’s talk shortly! Here’s a bit of Ely’s talk on podcasting. Unfortunately I didn’t record most of her speech on podcasting but she’s very passionate about usability and making things easy to use and this is a great talk besides.

See my BarCamp Ireland Flickr set for photos I took at the event. There’s also the barcamp and barcampireland tags to track the photos taken by others.

Damien has posted about BarCamp Ireland on his blog, thanking people for their help and pondering where the next one will be!

23 thoughts on “Live from BarCamp Ireland

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  2. Following Ely’s rant about justified text, I’ve changed the justification to boring old “left”. Thanks to Henning who emailed me ages ago about the same thing but I didn’t realise why it was so important!

  3. Donncha, I wasn’t able to make it to BarCamp, but I have to say that if I’d seen you filming me, I would have asked you to stop and delete what you have. Not so much because I have a problem with being filmed, but because I think it’s just plain rude to film people without permission.

    I’d imagine some people would have had less patience than me and just plain thrown your camera on the ground and trampled on it. In fact, I know one person that was there that day that would have done just that if they’d been in the right (or wrong, depending on your POV) mood. No kidding.

    Don’t take this the wrong way please, I’m not trying to be nasty. It’s just how I feel. People take too much for granted these days, people think they can film what they want. Legally, to a certain extent, they’re right. Morally, in my opinion, they’re wrong.

  4. I’m not refusing 2 seconds of fame on

    You can video me any time you like Donncha.

    Hmm, there’s a bit of a Paris Hilton vibe off that last sentence.

  5. Glad you weren’t there then Adam, and I loved that big smile you gave me Conor! I guess walking around with a laptop will have that effect! 🙂

  6. Donncha, were you stalking me? I appear in all the videos that you’ve loaded to so far….

    BarCampIreland was brilliant fun, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of cool new people and putting faces to names – and i should apologies that my first words to you were slagging off WordPress!! (but I do so much want to move my blog over, I shall bug the customer support guys about that soon)

    I loaded up George’s portion of the video to and it can be access through here:

  7. There wasn’t any photos or video of me on the net until you came along you bastard. ;-p But neh, at least I’ll have something to show people later on and will be able to say “Look how thin I used to be!”

  8. Adam, everyone that was there was very aware that there would be cameras, videocameras and sound recording devices being flung around on the day, this was well discussed on the wiki and the blog in advance. If anyone had said “please don’t take photos/film/sound of me” then their wishes would have been respected….

    Donncha, the text on here is still showing up as justified for me, maybe there’s some other code in your CSS that over-ruling the style rule you changed???

  9. I wasn’t aware of that Elly. I won’t be going to events like this in future if that’s the case; videoing the presenter with their permission is fine imho, videoing everyone and everything like a reality tv fanboy is not.

    You might want to try a CTRL+F5 on the site (or your OS equivalent), the CSS might be coming from the cache.

  10. Adam, I do respect people’s privacy. If I photographed you in your home you’d never see the photo in public without your permission. I photographed you ages ago in the Metropole bar with a several members of CLUG but I never uploaded that image anywhere. It’s all about a person’s expectation of privacy. There are always cameras and recording equipment at tech conferences.

    At WordCamp in San Francisco I was photographed several times and there are probably hundreds of photos from the event. Besides, you couldn’t but be aware of me at the event on Saturday because I was using my laptop as a video camera. That looked ridiculous enough that people pointed, laughed and Ryan took a picture of me (I’d be surprised if that isn’t up already?)

    I had a brilliant day there, and I think so did everyone else, despite the cameras.

  11. I understand your point Donncha. My problem isn’t so much the fact that you had a camera at the conference, it’s more that you were walking around like a reality TV, um, person – sorry, but I don’t have a lot of time for POV, it’s belongs in porn imho – and then published it on the web, presumably without asking people if it was ok. Going to a public place is not the same as giving permission to be flimed imho. Anyway, it looks like I’m in a major minority here, so I’ll leave it at that.

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