Banks, they get you young and grab hold of you by the goolies!

Why list 50 adwords when all a greedy website owner wants is the most expensive one? It’s school loan consolidation, with an average cost per click of $69.16 apparently. I expect to see a lot more blogs springing up around about … now on this very topic.

Makes you wonder how much the banks make directly from the interest on a school loan and in the long term how important it is for them to get a young person as a customer. People don’t move bank accounts much so you’ve got a customer for life! I haven’t moved bank, and in fact use the same bank for my business account despite the fact that Ulster Bank offer free banking! It’s also much easier to move accounts these days but that would require effort wouldn’t it?

Here in Ireland students get a “welcome pack” with brochures and pens and a rotten apple or some such thing. It’s been a while. Maybe the banks throw in a free iPod these days? Of course, it doesn’t cost upwards of $50,000 to do a college course here thankfully. Well, except for the drink and waffles and beans that is.

See here for an explanation of goolies if you’re confused. (Thanks Damien for reminding about this page.)

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