The Elysian

If you have driven past the construction site on Eglinton Street you may have noticed all the expensive looking posters promising something, “better than you expected” and calling it “Ireland’s Biggest Secret”. Right, maybe the marketing department went overboard, but this evening I spotted a URL on the posters:

The brief was simple, create a landmark building for Cork which shows the positive energy of its inhabitants, make it a show piece for the way City Centre development should go and most importantly create stupendous homes where all manner of buyers will be proud to live.

I think it’s going to be a high-rise building with offices, appartments and a shopping centre. Should be a hell of a view from the top of it as it’ll have a 17 storey tower! That’s taller than anything else in Cork.

10 thoughts on “The Elysian

  1. Last time I was in Cork was a few years ago but I am shocked – it struck me as a very low rise city with a lot of history – the word is “quaint”.
    Maybe this sort of development will be a good thing after all?
    We greatly enjoyed our brief visit, maybe this will be a reason to make the effort again next year.

    Roger G – West Yorkshire UK

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  3. its exactly what cork needs.taller building, landmarks,a future. theres no future in old decrepit buildings with no history that are not worth the while restoring or maintaining .

  4. My wife and I were in Cork back in June 07,we saw this building being constructed and wondered what it was ,now we know.It looks very nice and we think it will be a great asset to the city.

  5. yes i think the elysian is very nice especially for the RICH. do they take rent allowance ? no

    is the rent for the apartments there cheap ? no !! €350,000 just for 1 apartment and thats the cheapest!! ha
    what a fricken rip off as nice as it is the building boom has gone too far and so have the government catering only for the rich !!!!! what about people on social welfare ?
    they certainly cannot afford it !! another typical example of governments wasting money!!!
    can you afford €350,000 i know i cant !!!

  6. I can see this abomination from my home in Sunday’s Well. I hear the management company have offered to relocate the residents as it is costing too much to keep the place going. When construction began, there was already rumblings of a property bubble and to be quite honest, anyone who didn’t see it coming, and by the looks of it there was quite a lot, must have had their head in the sand.
    Rents and prices will fall dramatically, and it will end up being a tenement block on a roundabout.

  7. ok it was a bit ambitous at the time, but what the hell, its there now and when the ecomomy returns ( whenever that is) our city will look all the better for this and all the other fine buildings the have gone up around the city and surburs.

    life is short and i’m quiet sure in a couple of years we can be proud of our great republic of cork

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