Post WordCamp, Post SF, Post Haste

Last week I went to San Francisco to meet up with the rest of Automattic and attend WordCamp 2006. There's plenty of coverage of WordCamp so I'm sure you're not interested in me telling you how great it was, who said what, what sucked, etc, etc!

What I would like to say is my heartfelt thanks to Matt and Toni and those who control the purse strings in Automattic who made last week possible. Podz, Andy and I stayed in a fabulous house where everyone gathered to work and brainstorm new features, work methods, discuss our strengths and weaknesses and work super-fast on finally getting the Upgrades feature of out.

What are the guys in Automattic like? They're smart, they're enthusiastic, they're really driven by blogging and making things better. They live and breath blogs and tech but they really do worry about how a beginner views WordPress. They're also fun and great to be with and I look forward to the next Automattic get-together!

Much to my delight everyone I met was nice. In the cut-throat world of business it's not often that can be said. It's such a simple thing, that word, "nice". How often can you describe your work colleagues and business people in general that way? I hope that things remain competitive and fast moving but that people don't lose their humanity over the all-mighty Dollar.

I hope Matt doesn't eat all that brisket, I know it tastes like heaven but I think it may be off by now!

Oh yeah, a final thank you to you all for being so patient when I would say, "hang on, I just saw something" and go shoot a lamp post or a doorway, or some other street furniture or a silly yellow "computer guided" tourist car. I have 5GB of Jpeg files to look through! 🙂

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