Holy Shmoly, it lives!

This site has moved. It's now at ocaoimh.ie where I can play with a more up to date version of WordPress.

Upgrading was a breeze:

  1. I dumped the old database tables and copied them over here.
  2. I installed this site with the usual defaults included near-empty tables.
  3. Then I fed my old db tables back in, changed the prefix in wp_config.php to point at those old tables.
  4. I changed the siteurl and home in the options table to point at the new url.
  5. Finally, I visited the upgrade url which magically brought the db up to date!

I decided on using K2, and modified the default theme slightly to match my old theme somewhat. Unfortunately I had to edit index.php so I have to watch out when I'm upgrading.

I decided I needed a related posts plugin as well as one to display the latest comments. Both required a little bit of massaging to work with the development WP 2.1 which I'll update this post with later. Next in line is something to resurrect my "popular posts" list using data from my referrer plugin!

What about my old site? I used some rewrite magic to bring you here didn't I? 🙂


Damien had a nice lunch, I had sandwiches. Thought you'd like to know!

7 thoughts on “Holy Shmoly, it lives!

  1. Thanks Michele for all your help! I'm still tuning things here to deal with the extra load.

    Thankfully wp-cache works as expected and I was able to free up some memory from both MySQL and Apache and make things leaner and meaner!

  2. I’ve always been impressed by how easy it is to move WordPress, you guys did a great job on that.

    So how long did the .ie take to get registered and was it just fingerprints the IEDR requested or do they now have a corneal scan option? 🙂

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