Installed it, yawned, uninstalled it. The “social networking” thing is great, but not for me. Although Firefox does suck the monkey when it comes to memory management these days — I had to install another 2GB of RAM because it regularly eat a majority of the 512MB that was in my machine. Ok ok, I just wanted more RAM, but they really need to do something about it. 180 MB right now, with three tabs. Madness.

Loads of toys to play with today: Flock, Google Browser Sync, Picasa Web Albums; and I need to repurpose a machine so I’m currently updating the Fedora Core 5 replacement running in VMware via ssh, which always feels pretty cool. (How do you mean it’s running on this machine, you’re sshed into it!?) I’m like a child in a toy shop that sells sweeties AND ice cream.