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From a few brief searches on Google in the past I found that nobody had done a decent “Rate This Post” plugin for WordPress. This evening I went searching again, and came across the Post Star Rating plugin by O Doutor! It’s in Spanish which may cause some problems for English speakers but I figured it out so it can’t be *that* hard. 😉
After a bit of tweaking, I have it running on In Photos and it appears to work ok! That is, when I clicked the stars it worked, I haven’t stress tested it yet!

17 thoughts on “Rate My Post!

  1. Donncha – looks pretty cool and the instructions are nice and clear. I’ll probably post a full translation on my blog if I get the energy tonight

  2. Hi.

    Thank you very much for trying the Post Star Rating plugin.

    This is my first WordPress plugin and is still in alfa revision.

    I will try to make some documentation in english. I am from Spain and my english isn’t very good.

    I hope to release a new version with english documentation, and some new features like localization and skin management in few weeks.

  3. Any indication on what to do after activating?

    A hefty helping of Altavista only helps me determine that ‘my pay is fish with one to them’. 🙁

    It’s my understanding that the plugin won’t generate tables and that I’ll need to download something else. Is there any explanation as to what you did to make it work?

    Many thanks.

  4. There’s two tags you need to add to your templates. I modified my css so it would display a little nicer, and changed the layout of the stars a little.
    PSR_show_voting_stars() goes where you want the clickable voting stars to appear.
    PSR_show_stars() goes where you want the current rating to be.
    You probably want to edit single.php of your theme, although I added the second tag above to my index.php so it would display on the front page too!

  5. I think the problem had a LOT to do with the fact that the directory was saved as ‘Post-Star-Rating’ and the images were called from ‘PostStarRating’ in the PHP file. That’s been fixed and now it displays properly!


    I’m having a small problem with line 79 however:
    setcookie(‘wp_psr’, $this->_user, time()+60*60*24*365);

    If you’d care to see its effect on my blog, you’ll see what I mean! 🙂

  6. I’m working with it now and am having a few problems…primarily, when you submit a rating, it automatically does away with your permalink structure and returns you to ?p=xxx&psr_stars=x … this becomes a problem because the next time anyone enters the post via its “correct” permalink they are free to vote again…haven’t looked at it too closely yet, but would like to see if I can fix that.

  7. Well the latest version does go to fix some of the foibles of the first version (and being early versions, there are bound to be some issues).

    One particular issue I found, was the failure to validate my blog with the plugin activated. This is due to a small mistake in the psr.class.php file. Basically, the class echoes some Javascript but doesn’t use the all-important comment tags before and after the code (). This means that in non-JS compliant browsers and parsers such as the W3C one, the webpage will not display correctly and will most definately not validate as it will try to validate the for loop as standard HTML! 🙂

    The solution to this most trivial of problems is to simply apply the HTML comment tags as shown:

    Ho hum! We’ll get there in the end! This is turning out to be an excellent plugin which I’d like to see as standard in future versions of WordPress.

  8. So surely someone is try to develop one that reuire less fiddling? Inphotos looks good but it seems not everyone is having the same success. It seems a little confusing for voters. Is there a way to reduce the confusion to offer a voting link from the front item?

  9. Actually – with a little more playing I take that back, this will probably become the standard once the bugs are ironed out. Great work!

  10. well i have been looking for this but can’t get it to display the stars, anyone want to give me a clue, do I need to change something in psr.class.php

  11. help:) got the plugin to work but dont know what file to edit so I can display “VOTE” instead of “VOTOS!”

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