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  1. without wanting to be a copycat, I’ll have to whack up something along these lines too.. I’ve already sent in about 40 photos and I think that’ll be the total amount of what I send in. I’m not going to post the images until Monday week but I’ll have to flake up an ol’ contact sheet.

    I love the b&w one of the crane and that overhead one with the two people came out really well..

  2. Someone contacted the show this morning asking if they could crop or edit the photos before sending them in. Ray said they would prefer to get the original unedited photo which is crazy!
    All my shots on Saturday were in RAW format and I’m certain they don’t want to be sent 7MB RAW files that need to be developed.
    I emailed them again, but haven’t heard anything back which is disappointing.

  3. im sure they probably meant any edits that make the photo look unnatural. I cant see why they would honestly want to restrict a photographer from editing (within reason) their own photographs. Some of the shots I’ve sent in are edited. Hell if you count basic edits, theyre all edited. Sharpened, levels corrected, contrast, etc.. Theres no way they can expect a completely unedited photo; it’d look crap!

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