"Us" in Ireland

Ray D’Arcy who presents a show on Today FM wants everyone to take photos next Saturday! The photos will be collected and printed in a book titled, “Us” with all proceeds going to charity. The book will capture a snapshot of Irish society that day.

To submit your photos, email them to us @ todayfm.com on Saturday. Photos will not be accepted before that date but I think they will accept contributions afterwards because not everyone has access to a computer at the weekend.
They’re targeting the mobile phone brigade too, and I’m sure Vodafone, O2, Meteor and 3 and ringing their hands in glee at the prospect of so much gprs data being transmitted across their expensive networks!

One issue I haven’t heard mentioned is that of model release forms. A release form is required if a photo is to be published commercially (although news items differ I think?). I emailed them about an hour ago but it was near the end of the show. Hopefully they’ll respond tomorrow.

I’ll be out taking shots on Saturday around Cork City, and perhaps elsewhere. I’d love to have a photo published! 🙂

Later… looks like they ignored my email and text about model release forms. Hope they don’t get into trouble over that.

5 thoughts on “"Us" in Ireland

  1. you & me both… I forsee sending oodles of photos in the hope one of them will catch their eye. Quantity over quality I suppose 🙂

  2. I reckon you’ll have a very good chance of having something published as the general quality of camera phones – which I expect the vast majority of their entries will be – is crap.It’s very like the Day in the Life Stuff on Flickr.

    Thanks for pointing this out Donncha, I’ll definitely take a few photos tomorrow, incidentally I’m actually doing something which is rare enough for me! Photos of my trip to Galway to see Munster play Connacht!

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