WordPress.com Top Blogs!

Yay! Andy did a great job adding stats to the Dashboard! Here’s a screenshot.
This should make blogging at WordPress.com even more attractive as you know other people are going to know about what you’re blogging.
I’m still rather fond of reading the site through an RSS feed but that’s only managable now because there are so few blogs being updated.
When we’re bigger than Blogger.com that won’t be as easy!

6 thoughts on “WordPress.com Top Blogs!

  1. anyone knows, if it’s possible to get a wp.com invite somehow? i see the alias i want to use is still free 😉

  2. So the question has come up repeatedly. What’s the answer? How are the stats for top 10 and such computed? Based on what? Most commented, most posted, most linked?

    Oh, I know. Most spammed! 😉 That’s a sure sign of popularity.

  3. bonjour je ne parle que francais malheureusement
    je cherche des blogs pour mettre des photos de paysages
    avez vous une invitation
    au plaisr de vous lire

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