Autostitch – stitching photos made easy, even in Linux!

The quite amazing autostitch is a piece of Windows software that stitches together photos into a nice panoramic image. I don’t know how it works but it’s truely amazing! What’s even better, it runs in Linux if you use Wine!
It’s as simple as clicking File->Open, selecting the images to open, then clicking Stitch->Start to create a panorama.
Here’s an example from the Donoughmore Vintage Festival a few days ago:

9 thoughts on “Autostitch – stitching photos made easy, even in Linux!

  1. Hugin, with enblend and autopano installed, can do this natively on Linux. Hugin will also run on Windows and Mac. It’s free, too, not some limited binary release.

  2. Neat image. I like how by taking the images out of level you goud that wave effect in the ground. If you were to take and get numerous sets of photos over the aera, one could put togather a little animation where the ground would seem to be liquid… or something…

  3. I’ve been taking photos for years, not long ago did I love the panorama photos. It did a google search and found it’s hard to choose from these 2 softwares: acropano , hugin.

    AcroPano Panorama Stitcher works good for large landscape view of photos, delicate in software interface and easy to use.
    hugin Panorama tools works good for 360 degree panorama, has more professional options which lacks of the ease for use.

  4. Isn’t there anything EASIER? Tried Hugin, all I wanted to do was stitch a picture together, I’m sure there was one where you could SEE both pictures, move them together till the area that was on both pics matched as best they could and then save. I’m on Ubuntu and use Gimp.

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