Spreadsheet Templates

Every now and again I need to dig into Open Office to create a document, be it a report, or a spreadsheet.
Thankfully Linux has been able to read Word and Excel files for some time as that’s what the world and it’s dog use!
Anyway, I needed an invoice template, and came across these Open Office extras listing lots of templates for Writer, Calc and Draw. Several very useful examples there too!
Here’s a few sample reports in PDF format. Obviously it’s harder to edit, but at least they’ll provide for inspiration when creating your own documents!



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  1. Hi Donncha – looks like there’s a wee problem with the redirect on that ooextras link.

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  2. Thanks Pete.. now I’m really glad I changed my backup script so that it writes out individual files for each table! Just gunzip the right one and feed back into MySQL!

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