Red Bull Air Race – Rock of Cashel, July 24th

The Red Bull Air Race comes to Ireland on July 24th this year! The only way of getting tickets is by a draw, so I hope I get a few!

If you missed the race, check out my photos for a flavour of the event!

Get your tickets here! Just enter the draw on this page and you’ll be in with a chance to win some tickets!

I don’t have any tickets For You! Stop asking for them!

Update! Wooo! I won tickets for myself and my friends! The only way to get them is by entering the competition on the Red Bull site which I did several weeks ago!

143 thoughts on “Red Bull Air Race – Rock of Cashel, July 24th

  1. we want six tickets to see the show, because we would really love to go. Pleaseeeeeee.

  2. Please can I have 3 tickets I am from Tipp and it would a good excuse to travel up from Cork for the weekend

  3. I would really love tickets because i am a huge fan of airplanes and i am always reading up about airoplanes and why accidents occur, so PLEASE PLEASE can i have tickets!

  4. I can’t believe the $hit all you losers above are writing in order to get tickets for this event! The begging is cringe-worthy and totally sad. Can’t you see that the owner of this Weblog has nothing to do with tickets for this event? How can people be so thick?

  5. I am mad about them plane things – please gimme a ticket …. go on, go on, go on !!!!!!!!!!

  6. please please give me two tickets! cos if you don’t i will be sicket! my husband works hard, he never stops so please be sweet and let him have this treat!

  7. i need tickets as we are moving from dublin to clonmel and i need something to give me wings

  8. please please can i have some tickcts as we are moving house at mo and need something to give me (wings)a brake before i go totaly mad

  9. I would love to have some tickets as I live in
    Tipperary the best county in ireland-
    I never to to go to anything in Dublin

  10. The red bull airrace is just beside my house and the planes will more than likely be flying over my house and I can’t get any tickets. I think its so so disgraceful. The expect the people of the area to support this event and all the upheavel and won’t take care of there own. I feel like objecting.

  11. I don’t just want to go i need to go so aswell as three of my friends so 4 tickets would be a godsend cheers

  12. please can i have four tickets because its my birthday the same day and i have never seen anything like that before so it would really make the best b-day gift ever please……….. xxxxx

  13. please could i have some tickets because my husband has a thing about planes and it would shut him up for a while tanx lol

  14. Need 4 tickets bad!! My 3 brothers will be back from foreign lands on holiday, BIG REUNION…what could be cooler than bringing them to an awesome red bull air race, High octaine fuel, Speed machines and chillin with my bro’s, please make it happen…

  15. Can two people from the same house not apply. My request has just been replaced with my sisters. Theres no way she’ll give me tickets if she wins!!!

  16. wud luv tickets it seems really exciting i wonder if they will actually give out free tickets cuz it seems 2 good 2 be true ………wud love some

  17. please can i have 4 tickets 4 the air race. its my birthday as well as my boyfriends in the next few days and it would be class to go.have never seen anyting like it. please please please. thanks

  18. im in dire need of 3 tickets im airplane crazyand would love 2 see the best pilots in action. thanks

  19. My Uncle used to Fly the Lancaster during world war 2 and seeing them on the TV today, brought back nice thoughts of Him, and i thought it would be nice to go and see the show

  20. 6 tickets pretty please for us to go and enjoy the atmosphere of the red bull day out. Much appreciated.

  21. please give me 2 tickets cos my girlfriend is gonna torture my heed for not remembering to enter weeks ago??????

  22. Red Bull blows my mind, please can I have 2 tickets for the airshow to relax n chill out

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