Red Bull Air Race – Rock of Cashel, July 24th

The Red Bull Air Race comes to Ireland on July 24th this year! The only way of getting tickets is by a draw, so I hope I get a few!

If you missed the race, check out my photos for a flavour of the event!

Get your tickets here! Just enter the draw on this page and you’ll be in with a chance to win some tickets!

I don’t have any tickets For You! Stop asking for them!

Update! Wooo! I won tickets for myself and my friends! The only way to get them is by entering the competition on the Red Bull site which I did several weeks ago!

143 thoughts on “Red Bull Air Race – Rock of Cashel, July 24th

  1. i just got an email to say i was unsuccessful in winning tickets for the airshow…but since you’ve now won tickets, any cheance of cupla..mas e do thoil e(i tried the exaggerated please thing in irish but it just doesn’t look right!)

  2. I would soooo love 4 tickets to The Rock Of Cashel Red Bull Air show on the 24th July….We all drink Red Bull and it would be great to go to the show and drink some Red Bull and fly with the planes! After all Red Bull does give you wings! Thankyou!


  4. Sure, no problem TADHG. I have a magic hat I keep all my tickets in. Abracadabra! You should have your tickets in your hand right now! Oh, you weren’t watching the screen. Concentrate on this full stop for 5 minutes and you’ll be sent all the tickets you want for free!


  5. I’d really love to bring my son to see the air show, pleeeeeeeeeese could you send two tickets. Thanks

  6. please can i have tickets i know i already have 10 of them but i need more thank you!

  7. Id be really greatfull if u could send me 4 tickets to the air show because it is my sons birthday 2 days and i want this to be his best birthday ever

  8. PLEASE give me tickets cause i live in Cappawhite near Cashel and ive never seen an air show in my life

  9. We are 4 Hungarians from Dublin and we would love to support the Hungarian champion Bessenyei in Tipperary.
    We are dying for four tickets!

  10. Please can I have 4 tickets. One of my best friends lives in cashel and it would be great to see my friend and surprise him with tickets.

  11. We really want to fly high with the redbull legends, give us a chance..pretty please..

  12. please can I have 4 ticketts,for my brother,his wife and 11 year old son over from holland for the first time. They would realy enjoy this

  13. Does anybody have information about the area around Rock of Cashel… I was wondering if I turn up on the day without a ticket could I just watch from a nearby field or something?? Anyone with a ajoining field could make a few notes, cos I certainly would pay to see some planes racing!!!!

  14. hey guys… seriously does any1 know, if myself and boyfriend headed out to cashel on sunday,would it be pointless without tickets??? im mean they cant exactly corden off the sky and its a prity high rock that can be seen from miles around… were bound to see sumthing… arnt we?? huh?? any1 from cashel and the surrounding are, please can i get ur view and advise on this,would be sooo greatful!! thanks alot u guys!x

  15. please please can i have four tickets for me my boyyfriend and his 2 sisters!!cum on give us sumthin fun to do for the weekend..

  16. Would love some tickets for the show. Please,Please. Hope i didn’t leave it too late. was never at something like this, would love to see it. Please, Thank you!!!!

  17. I would love to have four ticket. I only just found out that i have to get ticket through internet. its great if i got it. Hope i am not to late

  18. 4 tickets going for the red bull air race – rock of cashel.sunday 24 july 2005. Tickets in Dublin – Contact for tickets. First come, first served.

  19. is it only for people in ireland could someone tell me if its possible to get them when living in ireland

  20. please can i have 4 tickets to bring my boyfriend and a few mates on a brill day out.cheers marie

  21. Yes, now it seems to work. I guess I had some network problems then. 🙂 I like the photos. I can imagine how hard it is to get a good frame. The planes are very fast.

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