Doctor Blue Box

Have you seen this man? Contact Clive if you have.

Yes, yes, welcome all Doctor Who fans! The first episode aired a few minutes ago and it was a great show! All that living plastic would give anyone the creeps except when they lose their heads and go smashing things up. hehe.
I have it series-linked on my Sky box so I’ll be watching. UKTV Gold is showing the original series at 6pm but I only caught the last 2 minutes of that episode in-between cooking a pizza but I think the new series will be better!
(Thanks Mark for telling me about it!)

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Its good. The only problem I see is trying to fit an episode into the American format of 45 min. In the older series there could have been 5 to 6 episodes for one title. This gave time for character development and also to have multiple plots running at the same time. Now its like stargate one idea per episode. The ideas are however original, not like the cr@p that comes out of FOX and NBC etc.

I’m a great Dr. Who fan, but this is the first I’ve heard that new episodes are being aired. I’m packing my bags and moving to England:) It will probably take 20 years so see the episodes here in California.

It’s the best thing since Babylon 5 !!! I love this new Doctor. Billie Piper is great. You could just see the delight in the actors preformances. They knew they had a hit, and they were having fun doing it. Christopher Eccleston was terrific, the best Doctor since Tom Baker.

I refuse to belive that you are billie piper!!! And if you are what country do you live in and what does david tennent live in hey come on reply tell me

You have a greate site but i think you should post christopher ecclestones (the doctor) fan email address on your web page, as i have been trying to get it to publish on my webpage. if you can find it can you please email it to me.

I think Doctor who is the best in the world,i realy do my friend head in when i talkabout the planet Raxacorecofallapatoreus.

this is how it is spelt doctor who fan.
raxicoricofallapatourious i know becuase i have got the script of the slitheen episodes at my house i went to an interview with him

have u realy seen the doctor coz i think he is real and i would love to travel with him i know u think iam a nutter but iam not i just love the doctor thats all

Yes, I watched the episode but he doesn’t look like the man I remember, he has neither white hair and cape nor curly brown hair and a scarf not is he ginger but that’s ok, looks are not everything, he is still the same man inside

If anyone out there is doubtful, please choose to follow what I say because I’m serious. Last saturday (17th June 2006) I was at the top of my house when I heard the noise that the TARDIS makes, coming from an area enclosed in houses along the path at the back of my garden. I stood up to see the top ledge and top light of the Blue Box, but when I had scanned the rest of the area to see if there was anyone about, and then looked back at the spot, it was gone. And I heard the same eery noise that the TARDIS makes when moving from destination to destination.
I count myself as lucky, and if I met the Doctor it would be worth the monsters. Believe me.

I totally LOOOOVE Doctor Who, it’s great, absolutely FANtastic. =]. I startyed watching it when I seen the advertisment with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper.
I really wanna see Billie, Christopher and also David Tenant too, I love him, I said I was gonna stop watching it when Christopher goes as they said David is gonna be more funnier as I didn’t believe it, but I didn’t, I was just saying it, and I was watching it with David in it, then I said I wouldn’t fancy him but guess what, you’ve propably guessed it, I do, he is absolutely if you don’t mind me saying this =], sexy as anything,,,,, and fit. I want to see them all, I still do love Christopher Eccleston but not as much as David Tennant now. Billie too, she’s absolutely fantastic. Extra fantastic. πŸ˜‰ Love her too. =]
*Mwah* to them all. x x x x
o o o o

Hi, Im new to all this internet stuff, just wanted to let you know I came across a big police box thing whilst travelling round Leitrim, I have photos but can anyone tell me how to upload them so everyone can see ?
or email me at

i really like doctor who and i am a fan i have 15 comics and the hole collecten of the 9th doctor who dvds and 4 dvds of the 10th doctor who and the doctor who game a tardis alarm clock and 10 chapter books 6 books what tale you about doctor who and a big remote controled darlek and 2 sticker books and my dad and mum and some of my uther family and friends say i am the number 1 fan of doctor who ow yes and i have 24 big posters of doctor who.
DOCTOR WHO IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish i was in that tartis travel back in time save the world once again.Hey maybe doctor would give me a chance to help =P

Christopher Ecceleston was THE one and only Doctor Who. Tennant is not nealy as good as Chris was!
I wish that BBC would realize that the new Doctor sucks and they would kick Christophers butt back to the Tardis! πŸ™

I have to admit, after watching Season 2005’s episode 1 “Rose” for the third or fourth time, I have finally caved in and googled “Doctor Blue Box”… this was on there, as well as a site that looks pretty similar to Clive’s site. Kudos to Christopher Eccleston, the only man I know that I would relax the “Within a decade of my own age” dating rule for ;D … the man is amazing, and ultimately, I think Rose could get past the whole 900-year-old Timelord thing… if she didn’t, she’d just be daft… I mean, honestly, why would she stay with Mickey when she could have the Doctor? I haven’t seen the 2006 stuff yet, so I’ll reserve judgment on David Tennant, but I must say that I was terribly sad to see Christopher Eccleston, his pretty blue eyes, and his amazing leather jacket (as well as his cynical personality) go away πŸ™ … maybe someday he’ll be back… but only if he has some freakish reaction to the regeneration process from this last time…

I’ve gotta say, Chris Eccleston (Or Ecc-msn to some of us;) is THE Man. David Tenant? Yeah, he’s cool, but no one beats Ecc. No one. And Captain Jack is a frickin’ weirdo. SERIOUSLY. I am Dr. What (As in ‘What the heck?) I have spoken. Really, I have.

Tonight they are replaying that first episode, I’m watching it right now. I miss the Doctor from the first season. He had a knack for seeming entirely reasonable when he was being totally crazy. Really like the show though, I’ve gone out of my way to be home to watch it each Monday night.

You’ll miss Billie Piper? I didn’t know she was leaving too. That’s really sucky. She was a super sidekick, made an amazing couple with Doctor One (Eccelston -never remember the spelling).

hi everybody
the tardis is well cool
but do you like david or chris best?
but rose was well good and she will be missed!
oh by the way i just noticed a dalek spaceship floating up above earth.where’s my nuclear missile launcher? bye!

i fink that dav is well better than any doctor exept tom baker 4th doctor i ve met billie and she is so fit ill miss her

Personally, I don’t pick favorites, or at least ‘Doctor-wise’. I think Chris is the best 9th Doctor, David’s the best 10th, and so on down the line.
Now, if some weird-o with pimples came on and said he was the new 10th Doctor, then I’m sure we’d all ban together and kick his sorry skinny-

Well, you get the point, don’t you…?

“Doctor What” ” Captain Jack is a frickinÒ€ℒ weirdo” what were u thinkin i no u posted this months ago he is so not a wierdo u r he is nice and funny and clever. (though he nearly re shaped the human race) but thts not the point he is awsum

I love Doctor Who period . Tom Baker, Christopher Eccleston, and David Tennant .I must say David has a fantastic “Doctor” smile !!!!!!!!!Other Doctor’s I like include: Dr. Daniel Jackson, Dr. Rodney McKay, and Dr. Samantha Carter !
p.s. stargate sg-1 is gone πŸ™ But Doctor Who is back πŸ™‚

i love doctor who to bits!!!
i never want it to finish!!
i just coulden’t take it!!
not watching the doctor every saturday night!!
what would i watch??
please don’t ever take it off!!!

x x x x docotr who #1 fan x x x x

Does anyone even care that the addition of catherine tate is ruining the show, ior the fact thyat the writers aint listening to the fans, i say a petition is need for them to somehow get rose back into the show. The format has changed so much since she left and there isnt that sense of family about it anymore or a relationship with a companion like he shared with rose all of which made the firstr two series fantastic

Hi my faverote dr is David tanant my favrote bady is the human dalek I watch every epesode and David dose it very good.

Hey ,

I gave Google the search DR Blue Box since Billie Piper wrote that on her laptop and got me curious. I never saw Dr Who — But … Fine for me πŸ™‚ I read all of their books πŸ™‚

I’ve seen the doctor again, and dis time it’s propr tk. No 1 is intrstd in wat im sain. wen i was in tawn, i saw da plice bx, agn. dis time he cam awt of it and lookd arnd and went bak in agn

I have seen the doc and the tardis. the last time i saw them was in glasgow. i ve seen k9 as well,davros the leader of the daleks is alive. BEWARE OF THE DALEKS AND DAVROS.

you no the doc i saw him last night at the shop, he was selling k9.he also let me in the tardis and took me to world war 15.then he bult another k9 . thank the way the judoon are cuming to earth on friday. seya

Hey Chris forget rose, its time to move on. I remember when sera jane left. Did not know if the show could handle it but then along came Romana and the plots continue.

U no bout wat cptn jck said, i saw them last friday
when i went outside my house. we were just going
out when we heard this funny noise. i looked up
just 2 C a black ship land in our front garden.
what’s that i thought. then these aliens like Judoons stepped out.


Hi, its me again. I was e-mailing last nite, when i lost connection, coz of the
earth – quake. Did any of u hear it last night? Then i was out with Sarah Jane, when we heard a rumbling sound. Sarah Jane asked what was going on, i told her it was just
a thunderstorm, and she said i know its not that, coz i know u’r just trying not to scare me. i, of course, said yes(like i always do.) Sarah said lets go back to my house for a bit, so i said yes, lets go inside for a bit. later i called the dr to come in for a bit into Sarah’s house, and he did.

yo,who likes pringles cos the doc does and will we sees his daughter again who knows?chow

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