Doctor Blue Box

Have you seen this man? Contact Clive if you have.

Yes, yes, welcome all Doctor Who fans! The first episode aired a few minutes ago and it was a great show! All that living plastic would give anyone the creeps except when they lose their heads and go smashing things up. hehe.
I have it series-linked on my Sky box so I’ll be watching. UKTV Gold is showing the original series at 6pm but I only caught the last 2 minutes of that episode in-between cooking a pizza but I think the new series will be better!
(Thanks Mark for telling me about it!)

167 thoughts on “Doctor Blue Box

  1. Ah. Just got back from a trip with River Song. I miss Rose. I’m glad I got to see her with my half-human, half timelord clone of me. Ok, Got to get back to fixing the TARDIS.

  2. I traveld with the doctor and he has changed my life but i am now with a man called mickey and we are married.

  3. I don’t think the Doctor exists. Well, I think there’s probably someone like the Doctor somewhere… But, it’s true that it would be awesome to travel with him…

  4. hi all of you. i just got back from 10000 b.c with my new companion (can not tell you her name because fironites are intercepting every message from me.) just read what martha and my previous self said. ha ha ha old times.

  5. hey guys as you prob no i am billie piper and i travled with the doctor and i have to tell you it was a blast filming it in the scene where the plastic hand attacked christopher we had to do about 7 takes before we could do it without laughing and when i started working with david the scene where i get trapped in a parallel universe was so sad that i was crying for real lol xxx i hope you guys all keep waatching doctor who because it is really good

    1. Prove it is Billie Piper. Answer this questions:
      What was said on the first line of Rose (Christopher Eccleston)

  6. I don’t know If It was him, but one day in the park, I saw a man just like him staring at me. He walked over and said he would find me someday. What was that all about?

  7. why dose david tennant have to leave he was the best doctor ever no offenc to the other guy or thre people who like him but he is really not as good as david was i will miss him so much:'(

  8. Doctor Who is the best show in the Universe and i’m it’s number one fan and yes that was a quote Lol! I think that Doctor Who is real however he may be in a paralell universe but anyway I’d love to find him it would be so brilliant anyway yeah bye! 🙂

  9. I love the show doctor who, I grew up watching it. I saw all of the doctors, thaat is except for doctor number 8. The one just before Christopher
    I think that doctor who is real, after all, they had to get the idea for the show from somewhere.

  10. I’d like to think that the Doctor is real and of course, they had to get the idea from SOMEWHERE. I became a fan when it was the 9th Doctor. I know a bit late but I just watched some of the black and white Doctor Who and it was really good.

    1. that’s weird, it’s the 17th of Dec here and the website says it’s the 16th….. OH! I forgot I was in Australia! I would be a terrible companion for the Doctor….

  11. i live in england and i’m eighteen and i saw this blue box once and walked over and tried to open it and i couldn’t, and then it made a noiseand it got transparent and i cud woulk through it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. First of all, the new doctor{mat smith} is horrible!!!! I miss David Tennent!!
    Second of all, I miss Rose. None of the companions where as good as her.
    Third of all, DOCTOR WHO RULES!!!!!!!
    Fourth of all, All of you that has heard of the new Doctor Who movie with Johnny Depp, I also think it will be very bad but i would reccomend seeing it any way in 2012. I mean i’m still recovering from Last Airbender but I will see it any way.

    1. listen up! the 11 doctor is my faverite doctor! if you dont like him keep it to your self! Amy Ponds is way better than any of his companions, and the movie by jonny dept was so awsome with all the… Okay i havnt seen it but still keep your thoughts to your self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I am an OLD French Lady and yet I am very fond of the DR WHO series. My favourites ones : Christopher Eccleston and DAVID TENANT (oh yes). I do not like very much Matt Smith, but I must recognize he is not a bad actor, only he is not a DR WHO. Too ridiculous ! Sorry Mr Smith …
        My favourites Dr’s companions : Rose Tyler and Donna Noble.
        I wish David Tenant and Billie Piper would come back …
        Hope the choice for the twelfth Dr WHO will be more accurate !!!

  13. I have watched Doctor Who and known him for a year,but one is better than the doctor (no offense I still think the doctor is awesome)and that’s Captain Jack Harkness!How I came to know of this perticular show was that one sunny morning I was watching my favorite YouTube show, Discorded Whooves and saw this pony named Captain Jack Harkness.I didn’t know whether he was made up or an actual character,so I looked him up,half expecting to see a pony,but instead I got Doctor Who.I have forever loved the show and Captain Jack Harkness.Leave a comment or a like if Captain Jack is your favorite too!(Erika Parker,12)

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