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Even Better than the Real Thing Vol.3

I bought Today FM’s newest album on Saturday and it’s an excellent compilation of U2 covers. I love Vertigo done by Kevin Doyle, an Elvis impersonator but there’s some great music on this 2-CD set, and all profits go to the UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund!
Go buy it, it’s in the shops now!

By Donncha

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9 replies on “Even Better than the Real Thing Vol.3”

Might have to give this a skip as it is all U2 cover songs…or I could buy it to support the Tsunami Relief, and never listen to it. Such a dilemma! Why can’t I like U2?

Volume 3 looks great, but would you happen to know where I can still get volume 2? I’d kill for Juliet Turner’s version of ‘A Winter’s Tale’

I’m fairly certain you can buy volume 2 in HMV or Golden Discs. Ask if they don’t have on the shelves as it’s a recent album. (and excellent too!)

Does anybody know wher I might get guitar tabs for any of the songs covered in Vol. 1 or 2 of Even Better Than The Real Thing????????

Kerrie let me know if you find out where to get the tabs for vol 1 and 2, and as for vol3, not gone on U2 but the charity is worth it!

anyone got tabs for the GREAT songs on this GREAT album????
if ya do, e-mail me….perferably the damien dempsey song!!

also looking for tabs for vol 1 and 2!! could someone email me if they find any? i’ll do the same should i come across any. thanks

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