Even Better than the Real Thing Vol.3

I bought Today FM’s newest album on Saturday and it’s an excellent compilation of U2 covers. I love Vertigo done by Kevin Doyle, an Elvis impersonator but there’s some great music on this 2-CD set, and all profits go to the UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund!
Go buy it, it’s in the shops now!

9 thoughts on “Even Better than the Real Thing Vol.3

  1. Might have to give this a skip as it is all U2 cover songs…or I could buy it to support the Tsunami Relief, and never listen to it. Such a dilemma! Why can’t I like U2?

  2. Volume 3 looks great, but would you happen to know where I can still get volume 2? I’d kill for Juliet Turner’s version of ‘A Winter’s Tale’

  3. I’m fairly certain you can buy volume 2 in HMV or Golden Discs. Ask if they don’t have on the shelves as it’s a recent album. (and excellent too!)

  4. Does anybody know wher I might get guitar tabs for any of the songs covered in Vol. 1 or 2 of Even Better Than The Real Thing????????

  5. Kerrie let me know if you find out where to get the tabs for vol 1 and 2, and as for vol3, not gone on U2 but the charity is worth it!

  6. anyone got tabs for the GREAT songs on this GREAT album????
    if ya do, e-mail me….perferably the damien dempsey song!!

  7. also looking for tabs for vol 1 and 2!! could someone email me if they find any? i’ll do the same should i come across any. thanks

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