New WPMU Snapshot

An all-new, all-singing snapshot is now available. The mu website is going through some updating so you can download the files from here instead:

Hold off on downloading for a while. The SVN repository is down right now and the archives above are corrupted. I’ll post fixed files later. They’re fine now.

I rolled in a big patch by Dasher, including Derek Ditch’s wpmu manager. It also included BAStats so you have yet another way of telling where people come to your site from!
Lots of other fixes and additional features, check the change log for more.
Post questions to the support forum if you have problems.

4 thoughts on “New WPMU Snapshot

  1. Yes, I have installed this snapshot and cannot find the wpmu manager either.

    Additionally, if I try to install the wpmu-manager plugin by unzipping the .zip in my / root directory for the site, attempting to visit any of my blogs brings up an error:

    “It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet. Try running install.php.”?

  2. I forgot to import the wpmu-plugin.php into CVS so it wasn’t in this snapshot. Try Saturday’s snapshot instead. It has a number of other bug fixes too which make it worth the upgrade.
    I haven’t tested the wpmu-manager myself much, but some of it may be out of date as db schemas changed quite a bit in the last 3 months.
    The file “wp-includes/functions.php” is very out of date and you’ll probably get errors related to that too if you install the plugin from the zip file without due care.

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